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      Allen-Michael Hodnett was born in Picayune, Mississippi in July,1996 to Jeffrey " Lucky" Hodnett & Patricia Miranda. Allen still lives in the Poplarville / Nashville area with his mother & father . Allen is the youngest out of 5 children. He always loved Gospel and Country music. Allen began playing guitar and singing at the age of 14, in his local church. Allen has always loved great country music singers like Johnny Cash, George Jones, and Hank Williams, & Lucky Hodnett and many more. The Lord has definitely blessed Allen in his talents. Allen is also known for playing and singing in our local churches in the Picayune / Poplarville area. Allen would like also to thank his Mother , Father, Brothers & Sisters, Brother Tristin & Grandparents along with Fans Worldwide & His Heavenly Father "Jesus" for the Gift of Music.
Albums : The Journey 2016  
​Genre : Country / Gospel
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